In Islamic culture, Barzakh represents the intermediate world, a state between life and physical death. A space located between hell and paradise. A real non-place.
Whoever enters Barzakh, is waiting to be judged, but doesn’t know when or where he will be going.
“Barzakh” reproduces this phantasmagorical world sheltered by night, placing in its heart a group of children trapped between two worlds: Morocco, the hell they think they are running away from and Europe, the paradise they’re hoping to reach.

The hard part is the interval. The day-to-day. The fear. Waking up in the middle of the night to welcome a new day from your hideout. Silently watching the life you desire.

Screening days

Thurday 17th December 2020

The director

Spanish screenwriter, director and producer. 

His documentaries « The Disorder of the Senses » (2013) and “Bolingo, the forest of love »  have received several international awards.