“Dar Taliba” literally means “The Student’s House”. At the boarding school of Amskroud – a village in southern Morocco near Agadir -, there is no alternative: you have to do well in school. “We are ashamed of the girls who do not do well,” Mrs. El Hajji, the school’s director, emphatically says to the 150 adolescent girls she sought out one by one in the villages surrounding. Before each new school year, Mrs. El Hajji travels the countryside to convince parents that their daughter will have a better life if she goes to school. 

Dar Taliba is their breath of fresh air, a place where these girls can hope, dream, and believe in the possibility of changing their destiny as women.

Screening days

Tuesday 15th December 2020

Saturday 19th December 2020

The director

French author-director. 

Doctor in History, most of his first documentaries are focused on the immigration, the memory of the colonial past and the rise of the extreme right in France.