In October 2003, a new family code was finally voted after years of militant struggles. This code claims to provide justice and parity to Moroccan women. But the majority of them are illiterate, do not have access to information or to speech.

The director wanted to meet and listen to those we talk about so much, without ever hearing them: workers, peasants, women of the city and the suburbs. The stories intertwine, the harshness of everyday life is the same.

Screening days

Monday 14th December 2020

Wednesday 16th December 2020

Friday 18th December 2020

The director

Author-director, editor, cinematographer, production manager and producer. Born August 12, 1966 in Casablanca (Morocco), she grew up in France. After studying cinema on her own, she opted for Documentary and directed around fifteen films, devoted in particular to portraits of women and their daily lives. She died on May 14, 2020 in Paris.